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Reviewer: yma   Signed  starstarstarstarstar  [Report This]
Date: October 01, 2016 1:35 AM
Chapter number: 3
Title: Rising Tides

Awe man! How I wish you were still writing!!! I know you've taken a break and are hoping to finish off a few stories (I've submitted my votes😘‘🏻) but I came to your site and read a bit- so just wanted to leave a note! You'll always (hands down) be my ultimate favourite inuyasha fan fiction writer!!! I've read TONS of inuyasha stories and none compare to yours! The depths that you reach and the details you include are incomparable ! Just wanted to let you know!!! You are awesome! Hope you've been doing well these days!!! Xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kindness! It's such a nice feeling to know that the people you wrote for really did enjoy the stories, even now. I'm still on hiatus, but I really do hope to get back in and start wrapping up a few stories. I don't know what I'll work on first, but I'm definitely taking the votes into consideration. Thanks for hanging out with me for so many years!

Reviewer: Kathy02   Signed  starstarstarstarstar  [Report This]
Date: April 15, 2016 12:37 PM
Chapter number: 3
Title: Rising Tides

How can i have not read this??!!! i love how you tell the story! I gave me the creeps! I hope you can continue this story

Reviewer: r4k   Signed   [Report This]
Date: September 01, 2013 1:28 PM
Chapter number: 1
Title: Prologue: Divinity Destroyed.

Your last serial fic? :O The beginning of the end huh? Well I don't know how I missed this story. I really hope that Kikyou is killed soon.. because I'm evil like that. Painful if possible. haha. ;D

Reviewer: animegirl163   Signed  starstarstarstarstar  [Report This]
Date: June 14, 2013 1:29 PM
Chapter number: 1
Title: Prologue: Divinity Destroyed.

Why have not read this?!!!! This is so good I cant wait to read the rest!! I just love how u can paint a picture its so amazing what you can do with words!!!

DaGrrrl says: Thanks a bunch. ^^ I'm not sure if I'm going to complete this one, but I really hope I can...

Reviewer: Izzuhbella   Signed  starstarstarstarstar  [Report This]
Date: December 02, 2012 2:52 PM
Chapter number: 3
Title: Rising Tides

I'm really excited to read the rest of this story.

I can't wait until you post more on it. :)

Reviewer: Boudou   Signed   [Report This]
Date: September 09, 2012 3:11 PM
Chapter number: 1
Title: Prologue: Divinity Destroyed.

Hum I like this one :D
I hope you're okay!
Oh and sorry if you received a mail with a link, was sent I don't know how Oo

Reviewer: Brooke   Anonymous   [Report This]
Date: October 27, 2011 12:03 PM
Chapter number: 3
Title: Rising Tides

Great job! This story is very interesting, can't wait to see if you update more.

Reviewer: kagome313   Anonymous  starstarstarstarstar  [Report This]
Date: September 06, 2011 9:56 PM
Chapter number: 1
Title: Prologue: Divinity Destroyed.

I've re-read the whole thing becuz i didnt remember how chp 1 went.

And c'mon - u kno me and my vampires!!! *___* Yo, when i realize it was bout vampires (all over again - bcuz i KNEW if i had remember this being a vamp fic - i would have been ur first reviewer for every chp!!! lol) I couldnt stop squealing!!!

First off - Is kags a wiccan or something?? And the coffin - it's inu right?! My mind is just running away with me, and every time i think bout this and the setting it put me in the mood for Underworld. Naraku reminds me of Viktor (Viktor is way cooler tho and sexy LOL - yh yh i kno he's old buh daamn!!)

*clears throat*

So um yh... those Torat cards - I have to go see if i can find out what the skeleton knight means. But off the bat of my head I can only think of it being the undead becoming her protector... and maybe Miroku got all different on her bcuz the undead means vampires and vampires means trouble?

Sango is kickass - So is her bro. BLUP BLUP!!!! LOL... I LOVE what Miroku did to her - he's such a fucking trip - damn.

To make things more interesting - it seems like Miroku and Kags will get closer and i always enjoyed their friendship/sibling-like relationship so it'll be good.

OMG - even though ur in 3 chps I realize the real thing hasnt even begun. It's like giving droplets of blood to ravenous vampires - knowing full well theirs enough for 2nd rounds!!!! Ok lame lmao... Gah - am just all thinkin bout vampires vampires and more vampires - especially know am reviewing - ur making me wanted to drop this and go finish my update!!! NO FAIR!!!

There's loads of secrets am jus waiting to unravel - especially with Kags background. Her mom be knowing things... and the fact that she let Kags get the house only will cause trouble. SMH - if she wanted to shun her daughter completely then NOT giving her the house would have been a smart things. lol- typical.

Am not complaining though.

Hope to see something for this in the near future =).

I miss my sexy vampire Inuyasha.

OMG is he gonna get clouded by the looks of Kags and remember is Kikyou? Oh oh and will u go deeper into what went down AFTER they put my Inu to sleep??

ok ok am shutting now *pouts*

lol; this rocks my socks. I love ur writing, and u did a vampire fic? loving ur writing and loving vampires - aint this a fucking loving combo for ME?!?! *spazzes out*

Reviewer: Meanha aka LadyWolf   Anonymous  starstarstarstarstar  [Report This]
Date: February 27, 2011 8:09 AM
Chapter number: 3
Title: Rising Tides

"icebox is empty" I'm so happy that I'm not the only one to can it a icebox lol. You better get the flow back lady!! I love this story & I don't want to sitting here saying "How will it end?" only to cry if it doesn't...oh I WILL cry....that's right big sis and you don't want to make Kid sissy cry right??

So when will Kagome & InuYasha meet? Oksay I know I have to wait...I'll try...waaaa lol.

Reviewer: Sayuriko   Anonymous  starstarstarstarstar  [Report This]
Date: February 14, 2011 7:53 AM
Chapter number: 3
Title: Rising Tides

Damn, I didn't realize you updated this or I seriously would have been here sooner *kicks RSS feed that's obviously not working* Yasha - love him, vamps - love 'em, your story - LOVE it! I find this story so intriguing and can't wait until you introduce Yasha. I normally don't like reading about Sango/Miroku, but I found myself lovin' them in this, even if Sango is so anal. But then she has a reason to be, no? I have a feeling that Kohaku's training will come in handy pretty soon.

I'd love to see you continue this, babes, but totally understand if you don't. And if you don't, ya know I'll just bug ya until you tell me how it ends. :P

Hope you're doing well, sweets. It's been a lil' crazy in my corner of the world, but then what else is new. Will catch up with you real soon. <333333

Reviewer: leadranach   Anonymous   [Report This]
Date: February 13, 2011 10:13 AM
Chapter number: 3
Title: Rising Tides

I would love to see you continue with this story -- using a vampire theme in no way lessens how you tell it; it's still entertaining, very fun (and suspenseful!) to read and more importantly, completely an Inugrrrl fic.  I'd love to read what happens next -- I'm one fan who definately enjoys more than just one of your stories!

Take care (and take your time to get inspired!)

Rana ;) 

Da Grrrl Says: Hey Rana! ^^

Thanks for the vote. I'm trying to get into this one, and I'm right on the cusp, but it can still go either way. >.< I'm going to give it at least 2 more chapters before I make a decision. But thanks for showing Fallen some love, and supporting the fics in general. I always appreciate it. <3

Reviewer: MsikGirl   Anonymous   [Report This]
Date: February 12, 2011 2:12 PM
Chapter number: 3
Title: Rising Tides

Well... I all I can say at the moment is that I have been trying to find a good inuyasha fic involving vampires, and yours is pretty damn promissing... and I'm really liking the plot so far... :)

I really hope you continue this... even if you have to shorten it to get it done...

'Till next time!!!

Da Grrrl Says: Thanks a lot. ^_^ I appreciate you saying so. I'm currently reworking the plot, seeing what I can do without and what I'll definitely keep. It shouldn't take long, and I already have an idea on how to begin the next chapter. It's just a matter of getting it on paper. But again, thanks for the vote of confidence. :D

Reviewer: Dark_Lady_69(nsi)   Anonymous   [Report This]
Date: February 11, 2011 2:55 PM
Chapter number: 3
Title: Rising Tides

Awesome! please keep writting this story ^_^

Da Grrrl Says: Thanks, doll! I'll do my best! <3

Reviewer: Leilachan   Anonymous  starstarstarstarstar  [Report This]
Date: February 10, 2011 12:57 PM
Chapter number: 3
Title: Rising Tides

Well, as for this readers response.... Loved it! I'm right there with you on Twilight. Sparkley vampires? Almost zero blood sucking? Might as well call them "glampires". Boring! But this, this story rocks. Like every one of your fics, I started reading and got really into it, just zooming along getting closer and closer to my phone screen, then I'm at the end of the ch. : / I would love to see more of this one. Two of my best things... Kiki's fics and vampires. I laughed at the conversation between Kags and Miro "Despathe". Hee hee. I adore a girl that uses her brains and wit to call a guy out on his b.s.! So fun! : D I do hope us reviewers can inspire you to continue with this story. Now I must go back and re-read chaps 1 and 2. Take care of yourself as always and big hugs to you, too!! -Court P.S. Guess who's going to Kyoto this July??!! Yep. Tony is flying me 1st class for two weeks. We're staying at Izuyasu ryokan. Im still pinching myself. Lol I suppose you could call it our 2nd honeymoon. Wish me luck with the language barrier. I'm still learning so I'm terrified! Hit me up with a chap to beta anytime. For, I make the time and enjoy doing it! *more hugs* -C

Da Grrrl Says: Court!! ::HUGS::

It's so weird! I was just talking about you yesterday. I was talking to one of my friends about writing and I was saying I've had the same beta for about 4 years, but I ALWAYS forget to send her the chapters before I post. I chalk that up to, "Finally finished, get out of my sight!" syndrome, where I post it and walk away because it took 10 years to get there. lol. But I'm gonna start doing better with that if/when I ever start writing regularly again.

I'm on the fence with this fic. I mean, three chapters in over a year is not a good thing. >.> I struggle with this story and I'm not sure why. So I'm revising the plot to cut it down and hopefully make it more manageable (and easier to pen). This is my own fault, though, for having so many freakin WIPS. Even after cutting a few down I still have too many!

AND CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Court, that's freakin' fabulous! I'm so happy for you! My friend went to Japan a couple of years ago and had a GREAT time, and I'm sure she knows less Japanese than you do, so I think you'll be fine. She did a tour thing and saw few cities and I think one was Kyoto was one. She said the shops and scenery were gorgeous. I hope you and Tony have a great time -you guys have definitely earned a second honeymoon. Are the kids going? or will they be with thei grandparents? Either way, I know you two will have a blast. Squee!!

Thanks for the awesome comments and for being such a great friend through the years. Can you even believe how long we've been buds? You're one of the "original" lovelies and still there to have my back. I so appreciate that. <33333

Reviewer: ThisIsMeSmiling   Anonymous  starstarstarstarstar  [Report This]
Date: February 09, 2011 10:26 PM
Chapter number: 3
Title: Rising Tides

YOU EVIL WOMAN, YOU HAD TO GIVE HIM A CUTE LITTLE TRUCK STOP ROMANCE AND THEN KILL HIM?!? Lmao.  I knew something awful was gonna happen to those delivery men but nice twist! I got the feeling Naraku would have something to do with it--and technically he did--but it makes me wonder who and what intercepted the package, and of course why and what was in it. Sango's slayer stuff or something completely different? Maybe having to do with IY?

And you weren't kidding about Miroku being a trip! I forgot that this was his first appearance (confusing him with Kouga as Inu's best man) and thought he was having way too much fun with immortality--cuz Despathe? Really? LOL...and when whoever he spoke with used it as a serious codename that made it even better, because I thought he was just trying to be cool with a name fitting of the shop. Wonder what his role is gonna be...and if he's a vampire, too or just in cahoots with them.

And if he is a vamp, then Sango must be one horrible slayer not to catch that >.>

I really loved their bickering, though and how Miroku duped her (and wonder how he plans to use Kagome when he relocates). I have a feeling Kohaku duping Sango won't go over as well, though. Rave in the middle of the woods? Makes me think of last house on the left and just...I can't see something awful not happening--especially after what happened to those delivery boys (and the unsuspecting waitress) when they went out to "carajo-land" against their better judgement.

But its these horror-movie setups that I love here and all the background and mystery you're setting up! Makes me excited for when IY will show up (though I can just stare at the pretty header until then ;D)

~Am :D


I always LOVE your reviews because you crack me up! Plus, you're usually on top of plot points. xD

Yesh, sadly, Ritsou's lil romance had to get cut short. That's the tragedy of stuff! It always happens right when life is about to get good! And yup, Naraku is always a team player. He's the one that orchestrated InuYasha's take down. They underestimate that man!

Isn't Miroku great? I enjoyed writing him so much. In this one, he's still logical Miroku, but with more kick than usual. And YES Despathe is his "name", but for both reasons: because he's in the life, so to speak, and because he just thinks it's a cool name. Can't tell you who he was talking to, though. At least not yet. Sango and him will lock horns again, too. They each represent the bane of one another's existence, and that kinda makes them interesting. I usually have them around as filler for I/K, but in this, they do have their won issues to deal with, her more than him.

LMAO @ "carajo-land". That shit was SO NYC! ::fist pump:: I feel sorry for Ritsuo and Yukio, though. They were dead before they even got in the truck -never stood a chance. No hints on the "thing" they saw. If I continue this thing, they'll come up again later.

I have to say, hearing that the horror feel is coming through (especially from you) is a feel-good. I wanted this to be somewhat creepy and not instant sappy romance aka Twilight-esque, so I'm happy to hear that it's working. I just wish I could hurry up and find my flow so I can slam out a few consecutive chapters. *grumble*

As always, thanks for the GREAT review. You always catch the lil plot messages! <333 And didn't M-man do a fantastical job? But Neo, she's the one who knocked it clean out of Fenway! Wait until you see SR. :P

Reviewer: sutlesarcasm   Anonymous   [Report This]
Date: February 09, 2011 12:22 PM
Chapter number: 3
Title: Rising Tides

Please, take your time, find your flow.  Anyone who reads your stories is willing to wait until you are ready to post.  I chased you all over the web so I could continue to read your stories, and I really like this one.  The way you have set up the plot, and introduced the charactor's is very well done..........I ignored Twilight also.  Does that count?

Da Grrrl Says: Thanks for that. :HUGS: And yes, ignoring Twilight does count! LOL.

I liked the premise and plot I had for this one, but it's been extremely hard to pen. I'm inching closer, I know, but I'm still a long way from being able to find the words without a lot of struggle. Maybe it's because I'm not a "paranormal" writer... I don't know. This one is like a homage to all of the horror movies I know and love (I'm a big horror fan!), so it kills me that I'm having such a hard time with it. I'm not ready to give up just yet, though. I'll try another chapter, and if I finally like it (I don't really love the last 2 chaps. I did enjoy the prologue, though), I'll take it off the chopping block.

Thanks for the encouragement. It's always appreciated. <3

Reviewer: Smurfette   Anonymous   [Report This]
Date: February 09, 2011 9:14 AM
Chapter number: 3
Title: Rising Tides

Ok, first off, this story has got me on the edge of my seat! Feels like I'm watching a movie. All I need is my popcorn! :D Oh and by the way love the new pic on Abby!!! When I saw the new pic I scrolled down and saw that you've updated Fallen. Of course I yelled a big yes, with both arms in the air and getting looks from my Yeppers, I'm always happy when you update!!! Thanks again!!!

Hope you're doing alright and take care!!!! Huggles!!! 

Da Grrrl Says: Ms. Smurfy!, how ya been?!

Thanks for the nice review -put a smile on my face. I know this story feels forgotten, but it wasn't. I just struggle with my inspiration for it, but you definitely helped in that area. :D I do want to find my groove on this thing, but it's been hard. I don't even know why. But I'm reworking the original plan to make it simpler/shorter and maybe that will help me pull it off. I'd like to finish all my WIPs that have been started (New fics are iffy), but it's no easy task, especially when they haven't been updated in a long, long time. >.<

And shankies on the art! I absolutely LOVE what Master M and Neo did with it. Totally captures the feel of "Fallen", and of course, I had to make a playlist of the music I listened to when I wrote the last chapter. Who knows, maybe I'll get inspired to pen another chapter. ^^

Reviewer: Onna ^.~   Anonymous  starstarstarstarstar  [Report This]
Date: February 08, 2011 9:39 PM
Chapter number: 1
Title: Prologue: Divinity Destroyed.

Woohoo, was so hoping you'd pick this up again. Very well wrote, and nada damn thing close to that other *waves hand* vampire/wolf one. Most awesome as am.. yea it is. :D and I miss my Musume. Hugzz

Da Grrrl Says: LOL. Onna, you reviewed the wrong chapter. xD But haz happy that you liked it. I dunno if I'm going to continue it, but thanks for the encouragement. <33

Reviewer: Abby   Anonymous   [Report This]
Date: February 08, 2011 7:25 PM
Chapter number: 3
Title: Rising Tides

Wow, I was startled when I found an alert for this story in my inbox today. I just wasn't expecting an update from you, especially not from this story! I was wondering if you did plan to continue it, and I'm glad that you do. (: Whether you shorten the storyline or not - I'll for sure be there to read. I read nearly all of your stories, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how everything connects in this one. So, anytime inspiration hits you for this story, best believe I'll be reading. XD Thank you for the treat! Honestly, this update brightened my day up a bit. (:

Da Grrrl Says: Awww, I'm glad the fic was a nice surprise for you! It took me months to write it. All jokes aside. That's probably why it's so long. >.> My goal, if I can finish this, is to make the chapters short and frequent. It's just a lot harder to pull it together than it probably looks. I really don't want to take months upon months to get another update posted, but thanks for being there to read it when it comes. lol.

Reviewer: ilona   Anonymous   [Report This]
Date: February 08, 2011 7:20 PM
Chapter number: 3
Title: Rising Tides

please do finish this story if you can! you are an amazing author and it would really be a shame to NOT finish it, especialy when its so awesome already!!

Da Grrrl Says: Thank you so much. It really means a lot, especially for this story. I've been on the fence forever with this one because it's hard to pen, but it really does help to hear positive comments on it. <3

Reviewer: LittleKaome   Anonymous   [Report This]
Date: May 08, 2010 12:04 PM
Chapter number: 1
Title: Prologue: Divinity Destroyed.

Wow cool story u need to write more of this U need to do some more vampire stuff. That would be HAWT :P

Reviewer: **ShortieJ**   Anonymous   [Report This]
Date: April 03, 2010 11:27 AM
Chapter number: 2
Title: Aligning Fates

Well, I can't wait for an update..because this story is pretty damn good already, Grrrl!


Reviewer: **ShortieJ**   Anonymous   [Report This]
Date: April 03, 2010 10:55 AM
Chapter number: 1
Title: Prologue: Divinity Destroyed.

Looks like it's going to be veryyyyy interesting! =)


Reviewer: 'TIna   Anonymous   [Report This]
Date: November 27, 2009 7:16 PM
Chapter number: 2
Title: Aligning Fates

Ahhh, good old 2009.  That's what I'm talking about! :D And we have some vampire action, woot!  Now to see what the cargo is...

Still a bit difficult to see what is going to happen next.  You're keeping me guessing! Hopefully some Inuyasha/Kagome interaction! OPr is it too early for that? :PI can't wait to read more!

Happy Writing!


Reviewer: MadMistress65   Anonymous  starstarstarstarstar  [Report This]
Date: November 27, 2009 8:04 AM
Chapter number: 2
Title: Aligning Fates

Ooooooooooooooooooooh! I likey, verra much! Despite my love for True Blood, I'm not much for vamp stories honestly. But damn, you got my in your clutches with this bad boy! Heh Can't wait to see where it goes from here.

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