Locked or Missing Account


If your account is locked, then you already know why.
It's because you haven't been reviewing, or worse, you've never reviewed at all.

When your request for membership was granted, you were told that reviewing was not optional, but a requirement, and you agreed to abide by that policy. You didn't keep up your end, and as a result, you are now locked out.

Hit counts mean nothing to me; a single chapter takes me hours to complete and brings physical pain to my arms and wrists. If my efforts to entertain you aren't worthy of the few minutes it takes to comment on a chapter you've enjoyed, then you don't need to be here.
It's that simple.

If you think you can now abide by the site rules and would like a chance to do so, there is a limited amount of time before a locked account becomes a deleted one. E-mail me with a username and a reason for your absence. If life happened, just say so, but don't bullshit me. My tolerance for that is extremely low.

But, of course, if you'd rather not do all that, you can request deletion and I'll happily oblige.


A missing account usually means I've deleted you. That's often the case with people who have never reviewed, or haven't reviewed in what I've deemed an unacceptable amount of time. However, my site is not perfect. Sometimes it's glitchy and will make you think you've been deleted when you try to log in.

The way to know for sure if your account still exists is by checking the "Members" link on the toolbar and searching for your name. If it's there, you're good. If it's not, you're gone.

Questions can be directed to me by using the "Mail IG" link on the toolbar.