Beyond Redemption – The End is Near.

The End is Near.

I’m a firm believer in not blindsiding people. That shit is uncool, so here is the warning. I won’t be writing much longer. I don’t really have it in me anymore, and frankly, I don’t think many of you really want to read this shit anyway, so why waste my time and injure my hands? I have other interests, and while I will still write, it won’t be for this fandom.

That said, it won’t be an abrupt departure. I’m going to work hard to end some of the ‘fan faves’ -and my own faves- because I want to give my active readers a little something before I go for their years of support. Once I put the cap on my IY pen, I won’t be using the InuGrrrl name anymore (at least not for writing), but I’ll still be around. My friends are my friends wherever I go.

To those who are inactive at Absolution, you’re getting deleted. No more access if you’re not R+Ring because you’re just taking up space. I know who logs in and who doesn’t, who reviews and who doesn’t, and you can expect your deletion soon. If you’ve insulted my hard work with a shitty rating or review, you’re getting deleted. No one is immune to the rules of my site, so please don’t think you’re safe to do as you please. I don’t have any fucks left to give and you can kick fucking rocks.

To those who have -and still do- actively show support for my work, thank you very much. I still write because of you and I’ll do my best to give you some conclusions. But I won’t lie to you. Several fics will never be completed, but I’ll try hard to finish the ones I know you truly like (I judge that by reviews, if you’re curious).

That’s it. Later. Registered & Protected