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Happy Birthday to Me!~

Thursday, 3 March, 2016

Let’s keep it short and sweet.

Yesterday was my birthday and I just want to thank everyone who took a minute to shout me out on FB and e-mail to wish me a happy day. It was pretty damn good. I was spoiled rotten by all my favorite foods, two cakes, and an lovely array of gifts from my best friend -including a gorgeous Japanese yukata! Hehe… Definitely made me think of InuYasha and how much I’ve neglected my stories, an in essence, my readers.

So sorry, guys. You know I love y’all to death, but most of InuYasha is behind me. It’s very hard to pick up something again when your heart isn’t really in it. But that said, I do plan to update soon. I don’t know how good it will be. My heart isn’t really in IY anymore, but I know some of you still visit the site and wouldn’t mind seeing an update of some sort, so I’m going to try to get a post up soon. No idea which story yet, either, but I’ll do my best to choose one you’ll enjoy seeing.

See y’all at Abi! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

Happy Birthday….

Monday, 15 February, 2016


Miss you.

Happy Birthday…

Wednesday, 16 December, 2015


Always In My Heart, Mom~

Monday, 7 September, 2015

Happy Fireworks Day, Y’all!

Saturday, 4 July, 2015

Haven’t updated here in a bit, but since it’s a holiday, I wanted to wish you guys a fun one! Eat lots of BBQ, hang out with the fam, enjoy the Macy’s fireworks, and don’t forget to watch the Twilight Zone marathon tonight (Come on, it’s tradition!).

Tomorrow is my Neo’s birthday , and I’m hoping to write something for her, but I don’t know if it will happen (I’ll ask what she wants to see updated). I’m running on empty right now. My friend (the one I’ve mentioned before) is in the hospital again. ICU. It’s stressful, but he seems to be okay and I’m hoping he’ll get released soon. I’ve barely slept since it happened, so I’m tired and very drained. He’s got serious health issues and I’m hoping this isn’t a setback. I’ll keep you posted, I guess…

On that note, let me take a minute to thank you guys for all the love on my latest update. I haven’t written anything in ages, so it was nice to see my lovelies again. I want to get better with giving you guys some chapters to escape with (Even tho I do plan to end things soon), but as you can see, my life is always crazy and I just haven’t been around that much. Bear with me; I am definitely going to give you another soon.

Now, onto today’s vortex of stupidity.

It’s been years, but today I got a “love letter” from someone called “Lex” who was upset by my site rules. Apparently, because she (I’m going to assume this is a female because only a little girl could get this emotional over nothing) could not simply waltz into my house to do as she likes, I must be this awful, stuck up, evil person. I mean, she even resorted to grade school name-calling. Gasp.

I’m so hurt.

*Sips tea*

I guess that was supposed to be my cue to apologize profusely for her shattered sensibilities and plead with her to accept a membership. Or perhaps she thought that I actually would be hurt by her “fan mail”? lol. I’m sorry, BooBoo, but it would take much more than that to garner more than a bored sigh from me. #BetterLuckNextTime

To be perfectly honest, I’m annoyed that I wasted 3 entire minutes responding to someone so clearly beneath my radar. Silly me. But because it’s been so long since I’ve had to disinfect my inbox -and lets face it, I was amused- I thought it would be chuckle-worthy to inform this vermin of exactly how little the opinion of a perfect stranger mattered. #ByeNow

SMH. They still exist all these years later. Who would have thought? LOL.

Happy Independence Day!

10 ~

Tuesday, 16 June, 2015

InuGrrrl turned 10 today.

I didn’t think I’d see this day, tbh. I thought I’d drop this hobby long before that, but here we are. So let me say a quick thanks to everyone who has supported my fics. I don’t write much anymore, not even sure if I ever will again, but I appreciate each and every encouraging comment and kind word you guys have given me.

It’s not easy to share one’s writing with the world; I learned the hard way that people are brutal, especially if you’re “different”, but my band of lovelies had my back from the start and never left. That has always meant a lot to me. So, thank you. Thank you for all the smiles, laughter, fun, and craziness. Even if I never pen another word, I won’t forget how great you’ve all been.


Still Alive~

Monday, 8 June, 2015

It’s been ages, huh? I haven’t written or done anything, really, because I just haven’t felt like it and that sucks. IG is turning 10 on June 16th, so it would be nice to update something. We shall see. Most of you, I’m sure, have given up on waiting and moved on -I soooo understand because I’m in that place too. My love for writing InuYasha stories is gone, even I know that, but I’m still a writer, so I can probably still string some updates together if I really concentrate. Again, we shall see. I still love my silly hanyou, but it’s not what it was and I need to accept that (So hard to walk away from him!).

Hope everyone is doing well.

For Grandma

Sunday, 19 April, 2015

Been a While, Huh?

Friday, 17 April, 2015

I haven’t posted anything here since March and my site’s been shut down all this time. But I’m still alive~ I haven’t been interested in writing at all. I think I’ve been away too long. Ugh. I don’t even think my readers (the majority, anyway) are even still with me, but in the event that they are, Absolution is open.

Honestly, I almost didn’t reopen. I knew that writing was next to impossible now and just was going to leave it closed forever, despite renewing my domain for another year. But my girls on FB gave me a nudge (they’ve been missing my crap), so I took the padlocks off the door. I’m even about to make an honest to God effort to write something.

I can’t warn you enough that it will be PURE CRAP because I haven’t done shit in centuries and basically forgot how to IY completely, but a try is a try, right? I wanted to do something for you guys on my birthday, but obviously, that didn’t work out. Sorry. Ugh.

I’ve also fallen off the earth with my friends. Sorry, compadres! I’m alive, and owe all of you so much mail… but you’re never far from my heart. ~♡ Hope everyone is doing well!

And to my readers, I heart you nuts, and will not blame you at all if you’ve bounced by now. We all outgrow stuff -like fanfic- and it doesn’t help that I don’t update -haha. But we’ve had years of fun, so I will remember you all fondly.

To those who are still here… one more time, with feeling? lol.

♡ DaGrrrl

Happy Birthday to ME!

Monday, 2 March, 2015

It’s mah birfday and my friends and family have been extra sweet! I got two prettyful cakes, an entire box of goodies from Japan, courtesy of my bestie, a bunch of kpop presents (since I have a few faves now), an iTunes GC, money, lunch and dinner from my favorite restaurants, and of course, a ton of birthday well wishes. Sigh. <3 It never ceases to amaze me how much I am loved and thought of (Hey, it's a big deal for an only child like me who has such a small biological family), so I want to sy a massive thank you to everyone who remembered me today. You guys enrich my life with your presence and thoughtfulness. <333 The plan was to have an update ready, but I've been having a bad stint with colds lately. I caught another a few days ago and haven't finished writing anything because of it. I do want to try and get something out this week, though, so bear with me. Sucks that it probably won't be today, though. Ugh. On another note, picking up fanfic again hasn't been easy at all. These updates are gonna suck, lol. Sorry in advance, but at least you know what to expect. I’m past InuYasha now -I know that better than anyone- so you guys are the sole reason why I’m trying. If it were up to me, I would close Absolution permanently, but I owe it to you guys to try one last time. But I must warn that this attempt to rein in will probably be my last. I don’t want to feed y’all stuff that I don’t feel is worth reading -that does neither of us any good- so let’s hope for the best. 😛

Happy IG Day! XD Registered & Protected