The History

After discovering the InuYasha anime around January of 2005, and spending the next few months overdosing on fanfiction (something I had never heard of until IY), I penned my first oneshot in June of the same year: The Realization of Love. It was a generic, cliched sort of plot based on what I'd seen in the anime, and what I wanted to see in the anime. And that's when InuGrrrl was born.

Since then, it's been a bumpy ride. After my first offering, I starting writing other shorts until I embarked on my first serial, Breaking the Girl, the proverbial "high school" fic. At the time, I wrote by the seat of my pants. I literally had no plot; chapters were penned according to whatever mood I was in at the time and the story was compiled along the way. But shockingly, it was well-received, as was my second serial, Suicide Rain, a pretty popular (at the time) "band" fic. That one had more of a plot, but I still wrote whatever popped into my head.

Admittedly, back then, and for several years after, I had horrendous grammar, and because I wrote whatever, whenever, there were a few plot holes as well. But oddly, that didn't stop people from continuing to enjoy my works -and I wrote plenty for the first year of InuGrrrl's existence. But, of course, with every sunny day, a cloud is waiting in the wings.

I won't go into full detail; it's too long and too involved, so I'll just say that sometimes, when someone is doing well and others think it isn't deserved, they feel compelled to create trouble and that's pretty much what happened. It began with a story called, He Saw Red: Respect the Alpha. Apparently, I angered the obviously self-proclaimed "goddesses" of the fandom -and their brain dead minions- by penning what they decided to call a "rape" fic - something I have yet to write. But because I wouldn't cop to that, and got several people to back me up on it, it snowballed into a mess.

But that was only the beginning.

In my opinion, all of that "outrage" was merely a ploy to pretty much brow-beat me into leaving the fandom by the most childish means imaginable (because, honestly, compared to most of what's out there in the real rapefic realm, my story looks like kiddie shit). But unfortunately, my thick skin and refusals to go silently into the night without defending myself got me into more headaches. After all, who did that bitch with her horrible grammar and shitty plots think she was having people actually be interested in reading her stuff?! Heh. And, of course, when that shitty fiction started winning awards, the entire foundation upon which awards should be given had to be "fixed" to prevent that from happening again. Too bad that padlock didn't last. 0.~

Honestly, is fanfic really that serious, people? *chuckles*

I guess not since that "upstanding and oh-so-serious foundation" is gone and your Grrrl is still here doing her thing.

But anyway...

It isn't all rain, though. I actually thank everyone who went out of their way to make failed attempts at bringing me down. Because of their stupidity and grade school antics, I was forced to erect Absolution, my personal fiction archive. You see, having to battle everything from asshole wanksters to "professional and unbiased" moderators taught me that it isn't wise to depend on anyone but myself. Never again will I ever be at the mercy of any bullshit website when it comes to publishing my works. From 2006 until the day InuGrrrl ceases to be, this litte grrrl will have her own everything.

As of 2014, I've been writing over 8 years and have 80 stories under my belt. I don't write as much as I used to, but I'm still active in the fandom through my websites, Absolution and Eternal Destiny, and whenever the passion hits, I write something for the lovelies. I've been handed a lot of wormy apples, and I've been plagiarized too many times, but I've been blessed in a lot of ways as well. I've met some great people, I've accomplished a lot with my writing, and I've proven to myself that I can stick out just about any situation. So, because of that, I will never regret picking up my pen for InuYasha and I still have lots to do before I call it quits!