Thank You

Chibi-Weebs: Without you, what would I have done? You made all of this possible with your love, support, and gentle shoves when I needed it. I may have abandoned it all if you hadn't bolted the door shut and I'll always be grateful that you did. You're loved. Always. Always. ALWAYS.

My Kau: My best kau and barn-mate who has proven her loyalty many times over. You keep the hay clean, and you make sure mate takes care of the pups. You keep new onesies around and you always bring gourmet cookies and latte baba. Oh, and you know how to beat them bitches down when necessary! You my Kau! (*^(^*?)

My Luc: Je t'adore. I think that's all I need to say.

My Onna: My second mother. Thank you for being wonderful you. My life wouldn't be the same if you weren't in it.*Huggzz*

Mama Hen: My first 'mother', whom I love to pieces. Thank you for always being there no matter what. <3

Mammy: Thank you for being there and caring so much. I know we don't get to chat all the time, but you're always thought of and prayed for. (Pops too!) I hope life always treats you two well.

Neddi-Biscuit: My wonderful sister and friend, I wish you all the beautiful things in life because you deserve them.

NEOOOOO: How effin' much do you rock? Thank you for this gorgeous layout and all the wondrous pretties you've created for me over the years. You're a fantastic friend and a brilliant graphic artist. I wanna see your name in lights everywhere, dammit! (^_^)b

Danga: You are the brattiest, most smart-alec-y, devil's advocate of a little brother ever -but you still kick ass. *Prepares the jungle room*

Maria-nee-chan: Thank you for always being so sweet and making me the most wicked fucking art! >:D Your talent awes and I hope you get all the great things you want. *squeezes*

AMMMMM!: You're such a great person and road dawg. Your age effin' shocks me because you're so mature and levelheaded (shit >.> you balance me!), but I'm glad you became part of the fam -can't imagine it without you! *hugs*

Nikkie: Thank you for the lovely art, kind words, and great vibes. You're a beast awesome moderator and all-around talented person whose time is just beginning!

Lily: My dear friend, thanks for all of the talks, laughter, and "ogling" we've done. Everything in life changes, and it's not always fair, but the memories are what keep us smiling. My best, always.

Sarah-Belle: You're an incredible artist with loads of talent. I hope to see your name on end credits someday! Thank you for being so awesome and bringing all of my crazy visions to life! *glomps*

Sandy: My fellow "redneck"! Thank you for being such a dear friend and confidante. Your wise words have saved me more than once. I hope life grants you all of the success you deserve. ^_^

Moni: You are a true talent, my friend. Your lovely graphic artistry has made my day so many times! Thank you for all of the lovely gifts and for being such a great person! "Enrique" is lucky to have a fan like you! <3

My HOA Fam: You'll always be my first family, my true brothers and sisters, and you're irreplaceable. <3

My Ex Factors: Thanks for giving me a place to unwind and shoot the shit. You guys are the awesome!

The Dream Team: Lots and lots of gratitude to my "dream team", the crop of mega-talented artists, graphic artists, and web design gurus (you know who you are!) who have done so much to make my sites exceptional and keep a grin on my face. You bring my ideas to life and have taught me how to follow in your footsteps and I appreciate that greatly.

The Mod Squad: A thousand thanks to my absolutely fantastic staff who helps me take care of my sites and communities. You are not just great mods, but great friends and the ship wouldn't sail right without ya!

Da Lovelies: Thanks for all the years, support, and laughs. I know my days as an IY writer are numbered by my own hand, but the hope is that when it's all said and done, you'll look back on this time with great memories because we did some fan-fucking-tastic shit, didn't we? But don't worry, the fat lady hasn't sung just yet...

And last, but not least...

I want to give a very warm thank you to everyone who has ever badmouthed me, wanked me, falsely accused me, talked shit when they didn't actually know shit, made ridiculous assumptions, plagiarized me -both verbatim and in pieces- and attempted to bully me out of the InuYasha fandom with laughable rumors and bold-faced lies. If it wasn't for your third-grade bullshit, I wouldn't have accomplished so much or helped so many others. Just proving you wrong on every conceivable level makes my day. d(^_^)b Never change; the world needs assholes like you to create awesome Grrrls like me. *chu*