Enter My Realm...

If you're here, I'm going to assume that you know who I am and what I do. However, in the event that you stumbled across my site by some fluke in the internet cosmos, my tag is InuGrrrl, but I'm also known as "The Notorious One", "Da Grrrl", "IG", and various other nicknames. I'm a fan of the anime, InuYasha, and I write fanfiction for my own sick and twisted pleasure. But to read that fiction, you'll need an account at my private archive, Absolution, and they're not freely given.

In addition to my own network of personal sites, I own the InuYashaxKagome community, Eternal Destiny, as well as host several other InuYasha-related sites for friends. In short, my online world revolves around my passion for InuYasha and that's the only way you and I would ever cross paths.

That said, before you approach, be aware that my tolerance for bullshit is low and I have no interest in playing games with obsessed fanwomengirls who feel the need to tie their panties in knots over characters they neither own, nor created. I will cut you off quick because I have zero interest in that.

We good?