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In case you didn't know and just happened to stumble across my little world by the luck of the draw, I'm InuGrrrl, but some know me as The Notorious One. I used to be an avid fanfiction writer in the InuYasha fandom who was well known -and sometimes hated- for writing characterization-breaking, smut-filled, angst-riddled, alternate universe pulp fiction without a hint of shame, regret, or apology. In other words, I write what I want, the way I want, and couldn't give a shit about who doesn't like it.

Nice to meet you.

I began writing in 2005, created my personal palace in 2006, and since then, have accumulated a wealth of stories, readers, and controversy. But as of March 2012, Absolution went private and the only way to peruse my library now is with a hand-delivered membership from yours truly. How do you get membership consideration? You can find that information in the news section at the bottom of this page.

I rarely write anymore, hence my referring to things in the past tense, but never say never. I may just come off my semi-permanent hiatus and surprise ya~

In the meantime, those who already have a key to my paradise are free to grab a drink at the bar and get dirty with me. 0.~


I'll resume when I can.


The Neighbor by InuGrrrl NC-17
Everyone has a limit, a ceiling, a breaking point... and he will find hers.
If I Want To by InuGrrrl NC-17
"Let me make this clear so there's no misunderstanding." He lifted her chin with a single finger. "I get what I want, Kagome, and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty."
The Girlfriend Experience (G.F.E.) by InuGrrrl NC-17
Her broken past led her to seek comfort in the worst ways, and he just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. When the most powerful woman in Japan has finally met her match, will love rule all, or will it be crushed by rivalry, deceit, and an inescapable past?
The Last Exit to Eden by InuGrrrl R
Lovely wallpaper by Moniquiu "Kagome, I just want to be your friend." That's what he said, but after years of pain and disappointment, could the love of one determined boy mend her shattered heart? How she wanted to believe...
The Edge of Seventeen by InuGrrrl NC-17
[Complete] If InuYasha Taisho plans to get a passing grade at Takahashi high, he needs to ace his career day project and learn to run a business. But when the 16 year old meets his sexy new boss, he learns the finer points of growing up.
Once Upon a Christmas Memory by InuGrrrl G
[Oneshot] Feeling homesick in the Sengoku Jidai, Kagome shares her Christmas memories with her new husband, but does InuYasha even get it?
The More Things Change... by InuGrrrl NC-17
[Complete] Sometimes you know who you were meant to love the moment you meet and nothing else matters -not even the drastic differences that are capable of tearing it all apart.
In His Eyes by InuGrrrl R
He grew up alone in a world that doesn't understand him and she just lost the only one she ever had. But when fate steps in, will Kagome find everything she needs in InuYasha's eyes?
Sengoku Medical Center: An InuYasha Soap by InuGrrrl NC-17
An InuYasha soap opera with a hospital backdrop. There is NO defined plot, just like a soap, lol. "Episodes" are based on whatever comes off the top of my head.
A Treasure on the Tide by InuGrrrl R
They were resigned to their placid existences, content to let time make their decisions for them. However, all of that changed when a stranger came into their lives.


My site is closed to the general public.

If you're someone I'm familiar with from the old days (when Absolution was open to the public), or if you really want to read my work, there's a slim chance of getting in, provided you're prepared to adhere to my Terms of Access and all of my other Site Rules.

If you're not, all the best.

Warning: Contacting me via the toolbar link will get your request deleted.
Please follow the instructions above if you’re interested in an account.

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