1. What kind of fiction can I post here?

None. This site is closed to public submissions.

2. I can't find a story I was following. Where should I look?

The stories on the homepage are only the ones with the most recent updates. If you want to find all of my stories, you have to peruse the category links listed on the left side of the main page. You can also use the "Search" link on the toolbar.

3. How can I contact InuGrrrl?

Use the Mail IG link on the main toolbar.

4. I'm having trouble reading on this layout. Is there another available?

Find the "Edit Preferences" page in your account menu. There, you can permanently set the skin of your choice.
Or, if you prefer a temporary fix, use the skin selector on the main page.

5. Why is an account needed to view the fiction on this site ?

Visit this page for that answer.

6. What are the benefits of membership?

Having a reader account isn't a prize pool. It simply means you will continue to have access to my fanfiction.
But having an account also allows you to...

Fave stories instead of hunting through the archive for the ones you wish to follow or reread.

Get direct notifications minutes after your favorite WIPS have been updated.

Avoid captcha when you review.

Get alerts when your review has received a reply.

Choose a permanent skin you will always see when you're logged in.
(Please note that I don't make every skin available at all times.)

Turn on/off the TinyMCE editor permanently.

7. Will you really delete my account if I don't review?


8. I'm sick of my username. Can I change it?

No. Your username here is permanent, so choose wisely.

9. My question wasn't covered.

Use the mail link on the main toolbar to ask me directly.